Western Riding in the Cotswolds

Riding the Range in the Glorious Cotswolds

Come and experience Western riding across the Cotswold hills, 200 acres of woodland and pasture with stunning views across the Severn Valley. Riding Gallery

Our Horses

Our western school horses at Noverton are a mixture of Quarter Horses and Appaloosas, and all but one has been bred and trained on the farm. We believe in “pretty is that pretty does” and this is represented in all
our horses with excellent conformation and a selection of horses to suit every type of rider. The emphasis of our horse training is on obedience, rather than any schooled ability. We encourage our customers to form a strong bond with our horses, they have fantastic memories and so therefore the ability to remember everyone who has ever ridden them. This happily means that they also remember those who make the effort to give them the sort of recreational experience,which they enjoy, the best!

Hands on Experience

For those customers who are seeking a hands on western experience there is the option to be involved in pre and post ride prep including; collecting horses from the field, grooming, tacking up feeding and stabling. All customers who are keen to carry out such tasks will be given full professional guidance and an overview of what we think constitutes good horsemanship. This is a non-chargeable experience; however, it will require customers to attend approximately 45 minutes either side of the ride. If customers do not wish to take part, this is not a problem. All customers are fully briefed before their lesson/trail ride commences, starting at the block and arena. All tuition will be instructed within the arena. Stable management and horsemanship will be conducted undercover in poor weather. We like to make sure all our customers are comfortable and are happy with their horse before their lesson/trail ride. At which point we hit the trail leaving the farm entrance directly onto a bridleway and then private land, taking routes either through woodland, or pasture.

On the Trail

Depending on our customers the pace of the trail ride will vary, from walk to, jog(trot), canter(lope) to a gallop. Group sizes can vary from 3 to 10 riders

Time in the Saddle

All customers will need to complete the relevant registration forms and to be fitted with a riding hat prior to any activity. Briefing to concepts of control, introduction to your horse, mounting the horse and control in the saddle will take approximately 30 mins following this we will leave the farm, once everyone is comfortable. Trail rides are available from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00Am onwards. For those riders interested in being involved in the collecting, tacking up etc. (as above) then arrival 45 mins prior is required. The usual length of the trail ride including briefing is between 1.5 – 2.5 hours.

What to Wear

A pair of sturdy boots or shoes with a heel (not flat soled shoes) are required, jeans and a long sleeved shirt are preferable. But depending on the elements dress accordingly to keep yourself warm and dry as we will venture out even if it’s raining. Trail rides can be rescheduled if the weather is too adverse. If you have a riding hat bring it along otherwise we can always provide one.