Western Riding School


Passive Horsemanship at Hall Place Stables is a combination of the name I chose for my particular western riding style. Additionally, I felt we were in danger of losing the name of our medieval manor house, which was once known as Hall Place.

Both house and livery stables are situated on what is more locally known as Noverton Farm, with its two hundred acres of rolling pasture and woodland. Getting my pupils riding out independently over my farm, which looks down on Cheltenham’s famous Race Course, is what my pupils come to believe, is a very considerable achievement.

The farm represents a part of a horse shoe honey coloured cliff escarpment, known as a “chelt”, which gave its name to the town of Cheltenham which lies beneath it. The escarpment, at its highest point is known as Cleeve Cloud and remains the areas’ biggest natural asset. Noverton farm is historically also the site of Cheltenham’s first race course.Now-a-days, this same land, supports the present agricultural and equestrian activities. Not too surprisingly the horses love the countryside and the stunning views as much as my pupils do. Often I look down and have to pinch myself to believe that I am on a horse and not in a helicopter, like those which frequently buzz over us, bringing the rich and famous to Cheltenham’s present day race course at Prestbury Park!

Our western school horses at Noverton are a mixture of Quarter Horses and Appaloosas, and all but one has been bred and trained on the farm. We believe in “pretty is that pretty does” and this is represented in all our horses with excellent conformation and a selection of horses to suit every type of rider. The emphasis of our horse training is on obedience, rather than any schooled ability. We encourage our customers to form a strong bond with our horses, they have fantastic memories and so therefore the ability to remember everyone who has ever ridden them. This happily means that they also remember those who make the effort to give them the sort of recreational experience, which they enjoy, the best.

Offering a variety of services including;
  • Group and 1:1 Lessons in Passive Horsemanship
  • Trail Rides across 200 acres of Cotswolds pasture and woodland, 5 minutes from Cheltenham racecourse
  • Horse training
  • Horsemanship training
  • Hackamore training
  • Horse starting
  • Horse Breeding: Quarter Horses and Appaloosas
  • Stables and DIY livery
  • Tack advice
  • Team Building days