Here at Hall Place stables near Cheltenham, at our five star rated riding establishment, we cater for all ages and levels of experience, whether it’s your first encounter with western riding or riding in general or an experienced rider, we can tailor tuition and provide the horse to suit. Introducing you to a horse and developing a bond with them is essential, here at Hall Place we instruct on how to develop a meaningful relationship giving you the opportunity to get to know a horse’s personality and for the horse to understand the type of person you are. Our lessons combine horsemanship and equitation, two distinct elements enabling the pupil to gain confidence on the ground and their movement around the horse and in the saddle riding in and out of the arena. We aim to make lessons informative, structured and most of all great fun!

Brian’s experience as a horseman and instructor, having taught hundreds of people how to ride provides a profound knowledge in terms of both the behavioural tendencies of both the rider and steed. Like horse’s riders all have a preferred ways of learning and this is what Brian aims to deliver; ensuring you feel confident and in control. There is never a deadline to learning and although structure exists we are flexible in terms of the desires of the student.

Teaching Children and Adults

Western riding for children is normally taught on a 1:1 basis although sometimes small groups are feasible dependent on experience. Initial instruction will include elements such as;

  • How to introduce yourself to a horse and move around it; key behavioural signals
  • How to move the horse from the ground (yielding, forward and backward motion)
  • How to tack up
  • How to mount from the ground
  • How to mount from the block
  • How to dismount
  • Introduction to aids and cues
  • How to hold the reins
  • Adopting the correct body position
  • Understanding the drive line and achieving forward motion through calf pressure
  • Steering the horse through neck reining
  • Stopping the horse

Young children are accompanied by an experienced member of staff. A lead rope is used until they are competent and confident enough to steer and stop the horse themselves. Brian will assess those who have ridden before which may also be conducted on a lead rope within the arena. For those customers who are seeking a hands on western experience there is the option to be involved in pre and post ride prep including; collecting horses from the field, grooming, feeding and stabling. All customers who are keen to carry out such tasks will be given full professional guidance. This is a non-chargeable experience; however, it will require customers to attend approximately 30 minutes either side of the ride. All customers are fully briefed before their lesson/trail ride commences, starting at the block. All tuition will be instructed within the arena. Stable management and horsemanship will be conducted undercover in poor weather.

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