English Riding Lessons

BHS riding instruction

Chloe Cass, a BHS riding instructor, specialised at Hartpury College in stud breeding and stable management. Her personal riding ambitions have focussed primarily on dressage and breeding her own Trakehner horses. Chloe specialises in teaching children and adults of all ages in the fundamentals of the English riding and jumping styles, either on a one to one or group basis.

What’s the difference in these riding styles?

Western Riding: An equitational style developed by cowboys when working with cattle from at least the 1850’s onwards, typified by the sitting trot and the lope (canter). It is also recognised by the rider holding the reins in one hand with the arm extended forward on a loose rein.

English Riding: This equitational style is traditionally known as the “English riding” style or seat, by which it is popularly known as all over the world. It is more modernly recognised by the “balanced seat” which is primarily taught by the Pony Club and the British Horse Society as the distinctive riding style of that being used at the “rising trot” and by leaning forward when jumping.

English riding lessons and trail rides

Hours of business Tuesday – Sunday 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM


  • Lessons (minimum of four riders) £18 per person per hour
  • One hour hack (minimum of four riders) £35 per person

One to One

  • Lesson £50.00 per hour
  • One hour trail ride £60.00
  • On your own horse £10.00 reduction on all lessons and trail rides
  • English riding clinics in Passive Horsemanship.
  • Tailored to subject popularly in demand typically of show jumping and dressage
If you would like to book an English riding lesson please contact:

Chloe Cass
M: 07771 664 813
E: chloelcass@hotmail.com