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to Passive Horsemanship. The Home of Western Riding.

“Horses will trust in the fairness of your control, but have no concept of pity or guilt” Brian Sinnett​

Covid-19 Precautions

My response to the Coronavirus outbreak, is to try to keep my western riding tuition and trail riding enterprise going, as long as the governmental authorities will allow. This on a personal level will only be possible if my pupils feel able to help me take the obvious precautions’.

I would ask everyone to consider Carolyn and I are sadly over seventy and Chloe has a serious permanent lung dysfunction.

I would ask you all when visiting the farm not to come to the house and to realise our mobile phones (My mobile is 07774831561) are going to become our best recourse to ensure social distancing. To those ends, I am going to ask everyone if I am not around, to give me a call so I know you have arrived.

My intention is to have your horse tacked up and ready to ride when you arrive but if I have not please just wait in your vehicle until I give you the visual signal that I have done so.

I feel one of the best ways for me to ensure social distancing is observed, is for me to ride a horse myself, even if I am giving a lesson.

Therefore the only surface you may be in physical contact with is the saddle and the reins and so to these ends, I think the best thing to do, is for me to ask everyone to wear gloves and to keep them on during the whole duration of the lesson or ride. These gloves can either be leather or plastic, and any sort of glove will be better than none, but if they are leather or any other fibre, is to bring a disinfectant wipe with you and give them a rub over before you ride.

I have trained you all well to help me with the horses before and after the ride but sadly I now think it’s just better to pay me and book future lessons in the open air, bid me and the horses a fond farewell and leave.

My hope is that these precautions may soon disappear as normality returns. However, as the government has considered prolonging (flattening out) the inevitable peak of the virus outbreak as it will enable the NHS to cope with it more efficiently, we have no other reasonable option than to follow their advice.

I feel, if I have to keep all my school horses doing nothing for over a year and pay our staff to help me do so, I may have to think very seriously what horses I will be able keep. With your help this problem may be mitigated.

Many thanks, Brian

A Gentler Approach

A Gentler Approach Brian Sinnett has been a horseman and agriculturalist all his life and has been surrounded by horses and cattle for the past 70 years. From a family of horseman his experience is extensive having worked with many horses and their owners from starting, training, dealing with problem horses, training for competition to developing the most functional and adaptable working horses for agricultural tasks. Having travelled extensively throughout USA/Canada during his life Brian has met many a horsemen and is always the first to say “you never stop learning even at my age!” He teaches and practices his form of Passive Horsemanship an equitation which he has developed over the past 30 years. His approach is far more empathetic to both a horses mental and physical state and attains a level of control and natural movement through a passive invitation.


  • Brian Sinnett - Passive Horsemanship

    "Horses will trust in your fairness but have no concept of pity or guilt". Brian Sinnett - Passive Horsemanship

    Brian Sinnett - Passive Horsemanship
  • Brian Sinnett - Passive Horsemanship

    "Passive Horsemanship is not an equitational style, it is a control that is accepted as a state of mind in both horse and rider where a mutualism has been generated for both parties, to work together as a working relationship or symbiosis". Brian Sinnett - Passive Horsemanship

    Brian Sinnett - Passive Horsemanship
  • Xenophon 430 BC. Translation ‘The Art of Horsmanship’  by M.H. Morgan PHD

    "For what the horse does under compulsion, as Simon also observes, is done without understanding; and there is no beauty in it either, any more than if one should whip and spur a dancer. There should be a great deal more ungracefulness than beauty in either a horse or a man that was so treated. No, he should show off all his finest and most brilliant performance willingly and at a mere sign". Xenophon 430 BC. Translation 'The Art of Horsmanship' by M.H. Morgan PHD

    Xenophon 430 BC. Translation ‘The Art of Horsmanship’  by M.H. Morgan PHD